Girard Hall + ReRed Records

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We at ReRed have been in the recording business since we were teenagers.  It is the only thing we have ever done since we graduated from school..  In 1978 we formed the Red Music label in Philadelphia and London at the suggestion of Chris Cutler, the drummer for Henry Cow and founder of Recommended Records.  The original Red Music folded in 1986 but left a rich legacy which to our surprise is now well regarded.

 Girard Hall :

We found a tatty old 1920s era dance hall that has a large stage and high ceilingsin a room that is nicely resonant and large enough to record a full orchestra or videotape, rehearse and record a fully equipped electric band. It’s big, it’s old and it is full of infectious creativity.




Private Art Studios

Rehearsal Space

Photo & Videography Space


Synthesizers Manufacturing

T H E   N E W   T H E   O L D   T H E   S P A C E   B E T W E E N